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Found 13 artworks tagged as animals

  1. Bill Jarvis
    Michael Parekowhai
  2. Blue Bear
    Michael Harrison
  3. Coelacanth
    Peter Peryer
  4. Dead Steer
    Peter Peryer
  5. Farm Study
    Peter Peryer
  6. Hot Dog
    Euan MacLeod
  7. Hot Pursuit
    Michael Harrison
  8. New Romantic (Golden Hare)
    Louise Weaver
  9. Roebuck Jones and the Cuniculus Kid
    Michael Parekowhai
  10. Romance: Vienna (Octopus)
    Gavin Hipkins
  11. The Leaving
    Peter Madden
  12. The Pulenoa Triptych
    John Pule
  13. Tyson
    Steve Carr

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