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Laresa Kosloff - Spirit & Muscle

Spirit & Muscle
Digital video (4min 39sec)
Production still (top): Christian Capurro; and installation view (bottom) from COLOUR light TIME at Two Rooms

This choreographed video work refers to a range of cultural interests including sport, Modernist abstract art, dance, and cartoons. These unlikely combinations play with perceptions of ‘high’ and ‘low’ art, as well as awkwardness and control, nature and culture, individualism and standardization. The work indirectly refers to early Cubist experiments by Picasso, Bauhaus dance performances, and the performing body in early video art. By literally inserting the female body into a canvas form, Spirit & Muscle lightheartedly deconstructs the phallocentric male canon in painting and art history, drawing attention to gender divisions and assumptions.

Essay NEW06 by LIza Vasiliou

Two Rooms


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