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Charlie Sofo - Birds

DVD, 1m 29s looped

Working across a range of mediums including video, sculpture and text, Melbourne artist Charlie Sofo makes artworks out of the incidental details of life, finding meaning in simple processes, materials and actions. Sofo’s projects focus on everyday acts such as walking, and its importance to his work as a means of  ‘searching and finding, as a ritual or observation’.

He’s the only visual artist in a family of educators. “My Dad’s a lecturer at university and my Mum’s a teacher,” he says, yet art seemed the natural choice to Sofo. “When I left school I thought, ‘there’s nothing else really I want to do’. I’m 26 now and I realise the more I do this, the less I know about other stuff – I don’t have any other skills,” he says, adding, “It’s great, I’m enjoying it.”

Sofo’s art often focuses on every day premises. “I think most things I do are collaborations, so in putting together this show it was bringing together works I had made with some new ones and it was all pivoting around the theme of walking, or making art while walking. 

Sofo’s works in other mediums. “There’s one piece I made that was a video of a collection of photos of birds on electricity wires that I took. I transferred the birds onto a musical scale and used that as a score for a piece of music, which I kind of worked out how to play on the piano – a chance composition of music.”

This organic approach to music is reflected in an additional work. “Another of the videos was a rhythmic piece that I made by dragging a drumstick along people’s fences.


Darren Knight Gallery


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