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48 works - John Nixon Gift 2014

These works have been generously gifted to the Chartwell Collection by Australian artist John Nixon, 2014. Chartwell thanks the artist for his support shown to the Collection as demonstrated by this unprecedented gift of works.

Below is a selection of the works - please see a full list of works here.

John Nixon - Polychrome Painting Part A
Polychrome Painting Part A
Enamel on MDF
450 x 600mm

John Nixon - Orange Monochrome with Pale Blue (for Emma)
Orange Monochrome with Pale Blue (for Emma)
Enamel on masonite
205 x 150mm

John Nixon - Silver Monochrome
Silver Monochrome
Enamel on hessian
210 x 270mm

John Nixon - Yellow Cross
Yellow Cross
Enamel on cardboard

John Nixon - The Donkey's Tail CD # 077
The Donkey's Tail CD # 077
Audio CD

John Nixon - Orange Test Painting
Orange Test Painting
Mixed media on cardboard
310 x 310mm


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