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Jessica Stockholder - A - H

Jessica Stockholder - A - H
A - H
Ladder, Number 5 brass, gray plastic toy modules, yarn, string, green electrical cord, ochre Plexiglas, rope, acrylic paint, fake fur, card board angle, zip ties, TV mount, white hook, yellow tacks

84.5 high x 27 wide x 49 inches deep

"In general, I've been exploring how abstraction emerges from the experience of particular things - primarily visually. And, then how my activity making things is both idiosyncratic and framed by abstract formal structures.  I imagine that the forms of alphabet letters must have originated in response to physical experience. In A - H the forms of the letters resonate with the forms of the ladder, both as it was made and with what I have done to it."
- Jessica Stockholder


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