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Jake Walker - Untitled Landscape

Untitled Landscape
Oil on board, framed
310 x 410mm

"Jake Walker’s latest works explore concepts of paintings within paintings, as well as the notion of incidental painting. Works on board are composed of what started as palettes for earlier paintings, generating automatic or subconscious imagery as their subject matter, before eventually being combined with intentional elements to pull the finished work together. Landscape Painting 3 presents Walker’s third new media installment, or painting on moving imagery, by using abstract shapes in oil layered onto the different surface areas of a floor-based laptop. As with his paintings on found paintings, and his palette paintings in turn, Walker’s painted laptops present an attempt to instil into or discover new meaning in objects haunted by the spectre of obsolescence. The looping nature of the video landscapes he paints over on aged laptops hint at the regenerative and cyclical processes that are at the core of Walker’s painting practice, and which are further hinted at by the recurring trope of the circle that permeates many of his canvases."
Utopian Slumps Auckland Art Fair press release

Utopian Slumps


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