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Chartwell supports The Tomorrow People at Adam Art Gallery, Wellington

The Chartwell Trust is supporting the exhibition The Tomorrow People, at Adam Art Gallery, University of Victoria, Wellington, NZ.

Featuring the works of 25 artists, the exhibition focuses on an emerging generation of artists and their hopes, concerns and questions
about the future. Director of the gallery Christina Barton, who is one of three curators of the show, says they have selected artworks
that offer insights into the fraught nature of our current situation, typified by financial and job insecurity, fluid identities,
micro-subcultures, mass communications and an inherently fragmented society.

The exhibition includes a short film by Tim Wagg, commissioned with the support of The Chartwell Trust for its first exhibition at Artspace
Auckland in 2016. Link here to the Artspace exhibition New Perspectives 2016.

Tim Wagg, 1991, 2016, single channel HD video, 12:00mins

The Tomorrow People's co-curator Stephan Cleland notes: “Tim Wagg’s short film 1991reflects on New Zealand’s political and economic history to explore the legacy of ideologies that promote individualism. “Wagg’s video features a soundtrack of his interview with former Finance Minister Ruth Richardson. Of course, Richardson is largely remembered as the author of the 1991 ‘Mother of All Budgets’ that slashed welfare spending and promoted the hard-line belief in enabling the free play of market forces. Wagg, born in the same year as this Budget, allows Richardson to reflect on her thinking, yet positions himself as querulous about its consequences.”

Green Party candidate Chloe Swarbrick opened the exhibition.

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