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Chartwell Collection part of Big Day Art at Auckland Art Gallery

Chartwell works and Chartwell projects were part of the fabulous Big Day Art at Auckland Art Gallery, New Zealand on 23 July 2017. Curated by Ariane Craig Smith, the day was full of art featuring artists, sound performers, mark making, tours, actions and lots and lots of families.

Performance artist Mark Harvey took action tours of the gallery for young children and engaged with Shout Whisper and Wail- the 2017 Chartwell Show on Level 2 of the gallery. Thanks to Ariane Craig Smith for the photos.

Helping the Gallery Assistant welcome people to the exhibition at the door.

In front of Alicia Frankovich's work in Shout Whisper Wail- The 2017 Chartwell Show.

Experiencing the work by Stuart Ringholt.

On a spin over the work by Marco Fusinato

Being pieces of mandarin peelings on the ground, in response to the photography by Alica Frankovich.

Thanks Mark Harvey and children! Thanks Ariane Craog Smith and Auckland Art Gallery!

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