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Colour is an Abstraction

John Nixon, UNTITLED (Group 1B), 2013

Colour is an Abstraction
has opened at Auckland Art Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand. On show until November 2017, the exhibition highlights works by international artists drawn from the Chartwell Collection and the Auckland Art Gallery. These works reflect how artists have explored colour in the late 20th and 21st century.

Highlights include Imi Knoebel, AAMIII, 2013; Dale Frank, Pop Goes The Weasel, 1989; David Shrigley, untitled (Good), 2015 and Elizabeth Newman's After Ellsworth Kelly, 2006 as well as works by the Australian artist John Nixon, collected over 30 years for the Chartwell Collection. This collection of works has been installed by the Melbourne-based artist.

Elizabeth Newman, After Ellsworth Kelly, 2006

John Nixon, Untitled, Colour Group E (Random), 2008

David Shrigley, untitled (Good), 2015.

Imi Knoebel, AAMIII, 2013.

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