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Oscar Enberg North Terrace Commission

In 2016, Chartwell partners with Auckland Art Gallery's Contemporary Benefactors to commission a work by Oscar Enberg,

Troubles de la croissance (der ursprung des pendels) 2016 on the gallery's North Terrace.

This site-specific work transforms the North Terrace into a kind of rooftop utility zone, with its double chimneys seeming to funnel out energy from the working Gallery below. Caught among Enberg’s chimneys are a cast of other objects, which appear in a state of suspension. Two of these are replicas of works once exhibited at the Gallery – Jean Arp’s Croissance (Growth), 1938 and Max Ernst’s Der Ursprung des Pendels (The Origin of the Pendulum), 1926 – and on the reverse of the far chimney a variety of clocks reference the Albert Park clock museum nearby. Working in this manner, reminiscent of the Surrealists’ evocative use of free association, Enberg constructs a fresh sculptural narrative.

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Previous artists in the series include; Kate Newby, Sriwhana Spong, James Oram, Mladen Bizumic, Seung Yul Oh and John Ward Knox.  

 Oscar Enberg's work is also featured, along with John Ward Knox, at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery until 19 February 2017. See details here.

Oscar Enberg, Troubles de la croissance (der ursprung des pendels) 2016, Installation view:


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