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2017 Frances Hodgkins Fellowship announced

The University of Otago has announced that Auckland artist Campbell Patterson is the 2017 Frances Hodgkins Fellowship recipient.

Campbell Patterson is an artist who has been making and exhibiting work in various mediums, often interchanging them, including, writing, sculpture, photography, painting and video. As he says on the University website:

“I am very lucky to be given this opportunity. I am looking forward to quitting my job, leaving Auckland, and focusing on making and thinking for a whole year. It will be great to immerse myself deep into my practice and into a new environment; not since I was a student has it been possible to do this for such a generous amount of time so naturally I am thrilled and a little terrified.”

He plans to focus on making both film and sculptural works. For the film work he is interested, as a starting point, in making 'cinema' and figuring out what this means in the context of what he does. For the sculptural project he will start by searching for materials and spaces.

Patterson exhibits in Auckland with Michael Lett and his works are featured in the Chartwell Collection here:

Thumbnail caption: New Normal Music 2 & 3, single channel video, 2015.


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