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Nick Austin at Dunedin Public Art Gallery

Dunedin Public Art Gallery's exhibition, Ridiculous Sublime, features a work by Nick Austin from the Chartwell Collection.

Nick Austin

Negative Production 2014-2015
acrylic on canvas
Chartwell Collection, Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki, purchased 2015.


Ridiculous Sublime also includes works by Jane Dodd, Scott Eady and Rachel H. Allen.

It finishes on 24 October 2016.

"The distinct vision of a contemporary artist can offer a new lens through which to see our everyday – reshaping the intersections between the familiar, the ridiculous and the magnificent.  This exhibition brings together recent works by four contemporary New Zealand artists currently working in Dunedin – Nick Austin, Jane Dodd, Scott Eady and Rachel H. Allan.  Their diverging views offer opportunities to examine our relationships with everyday places, spaces, objects and materials – celebrating the absurd, re-valuing the ordinary, or escaping into fantasy.  


The exhibition brings together recent works by four New Zealand artists, all presently working in Dunedin.  Although each has an independent practice, there is common ground how their work prompts a reconsideration of subjects, materials or processes that might seem commonplace or innocuous. 

Nick Austin is a key figure in the most recent generation of New Zealand artists, recognised for his wry perspective and poetic observations.


Scott Eady challenges the heroic tendencies of large-scale sculpture using materials and forms from his domestic experiences.


Rachel H. Allan subverts expectations as she tests the limits of different modes of image production. 


Jane Dodd is well-known for her distinctive jewellery practice, drawing out the battle lines between nature and culture and paying tribute the natural world." Notes from the Dunedin Public Art Gallery website.


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