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Simon Ingram's Studio Situation at The Dowse Art Museum

Simon Ingram - Studio Situation
Simon Ingram’s work in the Chartwell Collection show at The Dowse Art Museum which was titled As Many Structures As You Can, unfolded as a painting performance during the opening of the exhibition. Once completed, the painting machine was placed ‘on hold’ for the remainder of the show and viewers could see the results.

Simon Ingram - Studio Situation

Simon Ingram - Studio Situation

Simon Ingram - Studio Situation

Simon Ingram - Studio Situation
Simon Ingram 
Studio Situation
Plastic, aluminum, Lego robotics, cable, oil paint, brush
Chartwell Collection, Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki, 2009


"Of all the frames, envelopes, and limits-usually not perceived and certainly never questioned-which enclose and constitute the work of art (picture frame, niche, pedestal, palace, church, gallery, museum, art history, economics, power, etc.), there is one rarely even mentioned today that remains of primary importance: the artist's studio."
- Daniel Buren, 1973.

Simon Ingram makes machines that make paintings. By installing one of his machines here at the Dowse he has created a temporary studio. “I like to create situations where the act of painting is integral, I’m also very interested in the after effects of these situations,” Ingram says. 

To make this new work, the artist adapts a work of his held in the Chartwell Collection titled Random Walk Machine (2009). The name random walk comes from software that controls this machine; it is an algorithm that can describe the path of a foraging animal, the behavior of gas, the fluctuation of stocks and can seem reminiscent of a Paul Klee or Pollock composition. Since making Random Walk Machine the artist has developed various other kinds of software to run his machines. In Studio Situation he uses these and the random walk software to make these paintings.

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