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Plans for tour of Joe Sheehan Survey

Thumbnail image: (Detail) Words Fail, 2011

Plans are underway for a tour of the hugely popular survey exhibition, Other Stories Stone Works: 2002 - 2012, by Joe Sheehan, an initiative of Pataka Art + Museum, Porirua, New Zealand. Some fifty works from both private and public collections have been drawn together for the Pataka exhibition curated by Helen Kedgley. Included are two works from the Chartwell Collection- Words Fail,  the largest work Sheehan has made to date - it is a sculptural installation created from white Cararra marble, and Slide Show: Carousel II, in which 80 jade and New Zealand pounamu slides, inserted into a slide carousel, are projected via slide projector, onto the gallery wall. The hidden geologies of the stone's origins are revealed as are small surface manipulations such as masking or burnishing that have been made by the artist.

Slide Show: Carousel II


(Photo: Kallan MacLeod)



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