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Contact. Artists from Aotearoa/New Zealand at Frankfurter Kunstverein

John Ward Knox - No title, 2012
John Ward Knox, who has work in the Chartwell Collection (view here), is currently exhibiting in Frankfurt as part of the NZ exhibitions in association with the 2012 Frankfurt Book Fair.

His work, No title, 2012, neon, is installed at the Frankfurter Kunstverein as part of the group exhibition “Contact. Artists from Aotearoa/New Zealand”, curated by Leonhard Emmerling (DE, Munich) and Aaron Kreisler (NZ, Dunedin). The show continues until 25.11.2012.

This is the first comprehensive exhibition of contemporary art from New Zealand in Germany for over ten years. Entitled “Contact”, the exhibition brings together paintings, photographs, films, and installations by nearly twenty New Zealand artists. The title is drawn from a 1974 performance by Jim Allen, one of New Zealand’s important exponents of conceptual art.

Also included are Dane Mitchell, Judy Miller, Francis Upritchard, and Simon Ingram.

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John Ward Knox - No title, 2012

John Ward Knox - No title, 2012

Images: No title, 2012, neon, dimensions variable (tube length 120cm approx). Courtesy the artist and Robert Heald Gallery, Wellington.


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