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NOTES 02: Made Active: The Chartwell Show

A few notes regarding Made Active: The Chartwell Show...

02: Abstract Expressionism revisited

In the context of this exhibition, where objects such as Paul Kos’ Equilibre 1V, 1992, are installed with expressionist paintings by Allen Maddox within a broader discussion of action and performance, it was fascinating to read in the Paul Kos catalogue I have, about his involvement early in his career in an exhibition in 1969 called The Return of Abstract Expressionism, at the Richmond Art Center, Richmond, California. The curator wrote at the time “When Jackson Pollock and Morris Louis let the paint leave their hands, gravity formed the shape of the stain on the raw canvas. This exhibition of Abstract Expressionism is a direct extension of the painting of the ‘50s; the action is the same only the dimensions are different. The gesture is the same and the procedure similar if more athletic. The artists exhibit the same love of organic and natural forces, they place a familiar emphasis on the role of accident and chance...the artists (in the exhibition) are not interested in producing objects. The majority of the pieces exist only for the duration of the show. ..The artist is involved with the direct manipulation of materials that possess qualities of spontaneity and improvisation, and that normally produces dispensable work. It is the act of creation which is art.”

 This seems to have interesting parallels for the Auckland Art Gallery exhibition in 2012 too.

 from: Everything Matters, Paul Kos, A Retrospective, Constance M.Lewallen, University of California, Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, 2003



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