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Starkwhite at The Armory Show 2012

Chartwell Collection - Starkwhite/Martin Basher at The Armory Show 2012

The Armory Show 2012

New York City
8 − 11 March 2012

Starkwhite presented two NZ artists at The Armory Show 2012 in New York City. New York-based Martin Basher exhibited new paintings and sculptures, pictured above.

"The booth will feature panels of two-way mirror, stands, and arrangements of grid wall alongside a series of optically complex abstract paintings. Viewers will be able to see through some work and be reflected in others - almost as if they have stepped inside one of his mirrored display vitrines. Rather than merely passively looking in, the viewer will become an integral part of the piece, moving amongst grid and reflection. The work will allow viewers to look, and perhaps to also reflect, literally, and metaphorically, on the conditions of art, commerce, and desire."
Starkwhite, The Armory Show and Armory Film 2012

Auckland-based photographer Gavin Hipkins presented an experimental screen narrative, titled This Fine Island, in the inaugural edition of Armory Film. Shot in 16mm colour negative film, the narrative revists Charles Darwin's journey to New Zealand in 1835, his writing on the journey becoming "a vehicle for present day tourisms, travel romance, and racial othering, against the backdrop of New Zealand's lush landscape" (Starkwhite, Gavin Hipkins: This Fine Island, Armory Film, New York).


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