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Reason and Rhyme at ST PAUL St

Reason and Rhyme

ST PAUL St Gallery, Auckland
30 September - 28 October

Chartwell are proud to support Reason and Rhyme, a two part collaborative trans-Tasman exchange project between ST PAUL St Gallery and Gertrude Contemporary. New Zealand artists included in the project are Julian Daspher, Richard Frater, Maddie Leach, Simon Morris, Campbell Patterson, with the Australian artists Damiano Bertoli, Starlie Geikie, Hanna Tai, Mimi Tong and Jake Walker.

The exhibition at ST PAUL St Gallery opens on September 29 and runs until October 28. It will be an evolution of the earlier exhibition at Gertrude Contemporary, and will see the launch of a catalogue with documentation of the exhibition, artist pages and other reference material, and commissioned essays.

Images: Reason and Rhyme, 18.03.11 – 16.04.11, Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne, Australia

"Bringing together ten leading contemporary artists from Australia and New Zealand Reason and Rhyme investigates the urge to structure and channel creative production through systems, grids and frameworks.

The artists in Reason and Rhyme are connected through their use of manifestos, seriality, diagrams and systems, with the exhibition exploring the points where creativity tangles with these parameters, coursing along the edges of grids, and submitting to the regimens of form and the statutes of regulated patterns.

The exhibition will explore the urge to locate oneself within the map or the doctrine, and to impose rules and structures across creative practice. It will investigate how these systematic devices both contain and channel creative enterprise, as well as plotting and contextualising it. Reason and Rhyme investigates how these parameters offer something from which to push up against - a structure to rebel from – when there is nothing left to rebel against.

Through applying ‘objective’ systems over creative processes each of the artists in Reason and Rhyme distinguishes, articulates or uncovers their content. Whether this pull towards systems and frameworks is a by-product of the reduced status of the object in contemporary art, or a result of the general tendency towards deconstruction within creative practice, each of these artists enlists a rigidity to give form to their ideas."
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