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David Aspden at AGNSW

David Aspden: the colour of music and place
Art Gallery New South Wales

24 July - 4 September

Recently opened at the Art Gallery of New South Wales is a show exploring the work of David Aspden, an Australian painter whose 1986 work 1 Hour 28 Minutes is part of the Chartwell Collection.

"For Aspden, painting was as much about the process as it was about the subject matter. Stimulated by music or perhaps the play of light on water or through trees, his creations are all-encompassing colour environments.

His early work was influenced by colour field and hard-edge painting – two approaches to abstract art that emerged in the mid 20th century (the former, characterised by large expanses of colour; the latter, by cleanly-defined forms and flat colour). In Aspden’s painting, this gave way to a more nuanced and lyrical abstraction, while still emphasising colour and his remarkable facility for tone."
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