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John Kaldor Collection at AGNSW

Australian collector John Kaldor has given the Art Gallery of New South Wales almost his whole personal art collection which is displayed currently in the new John Kaldor Family Gallery, a space converted from AGNSW behind the scenes storage space to house the collection- which includes works by Robert Rauschenberg, Frank Stella, Sol le Witt and NZ born artists Daniel von Sturmer and Daniel Crooks.

Kalder is quoted as saying "I started to collect in my 20s, [and] I decided I wanted to share my excitement about art with the public."

On the gallery wall, within the exhibits, Kaldor makes a statement about  collecting:

"To me collecting is not an end in itself but rather an outcome. It is a form of connection to the artist, a glimpse into the creative process and a way of sharing in the world of art."

(Thumbnail image: Daniel von Sturmer's work installed in the gallery 2011)

An installation view of the new Kaldor Family Gallery, AGNSW, Sydney, Australia,


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