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Catching Trucks at Gertrude Contemporary

Catching Trucks
Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne

10 June - 16 July 2011

Sean Bailey, Peter Kennedy, Richard Maloy (NZ), Elizabeth Newman, Lisa Oppenheim (USA)
Curated by Amita Kirpalani

"Bringing together work by five artists from Australia, New Zealand and the USA, Catching Trucks chases the impossible - highlighting artists’ attempts to reveal through processes of concealment. With the works functioning as obstructions, blockages or visual impasses each artist draws attention to something through obscuring it. 

New Zealand artist Richard Maloy physically ‘clots’ the Front Gallery of Gertrude Contemporary, constructing an amorphous cardboard sculpture that wraps around the interior of the gallery. Taking its form from the room’s contours the structure creates its own volume, and in doing so it denies the volume of the space it inhabits."

Richard Maloy
Green Structure
cardboard, paint, tape, staples

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