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  1. Study For 'Night Myth'
    James Ross
  2. Sukra
    Alun Leach-Jones
  3. Take These With You When You Leave
    John Pule
  4. The Annunciation of Lord's River
    Jacqueline Fraser
  5. The Pulenoa Triptych
    John Pule
  6. The Western Dream
    John Reynolds
  7. Time to Burn
    John Reynolds
  8. Untitled
    Melinda Harper
  9. Untitled
    Jacqueline Fraser
  10. Untitled
    Patrick Pound
  11. Untitled
    Patrick Pound
  12. Untitled
    Gordon Walters
  13. Untitled
    Giuseppe Romeo
  14. Untitled
    Gordon Walters
  15. Untitled
    Andrew Blythe
  16. Untitled
    Matt Hinkley

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