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  1. Coalsack
    John Reynolds
  2. Constructed Painting No. 13
    James Ross
  3. Crocheted Paintings from 'Cottage...
    Ani O'Neill
  4. Dark Interior (i)
    James Ross
  5. Denouement II
    John Reynolds
  6. Dervish
    Gretchen Albrecht
  7. Done up in pins and curlers
    Theo Schoon
  8. Dramatic Communication Network
    Justin Andrews
  9. Duraband 10
    Don Driver
  10. Electronic Document Campaign 2
    Justin Andrews
  11. Elegnem Sa Essitam (The Breeze of Death)
    Mike Parr
  12. Eureka School
    John Reynolds
  13. Falls The Shadow (1)
    James Ross
  14. Fantin
    Selina Foote
  15. Fly Series
    Stella Corkery
  16. Gains and Losses (Father - Red)
    Gretchen Albrecht

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