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  1. Black, Orange, Red, Yellow
    Stella Corkery
  2. Dog House
    Stella Corkery
  3. Aim High
    Stella Corkery
  4. Margot
    Selina Foote
  5. Fake Late (painted arrangement #1)
    James R Ford
  6. It's a Place Called Space
    Matt Arbuckle
  7. Fight in the Back Streets
    Matt Arbuckle
  8. Castille
    Rob Taylor
  9. French Bay
    Colin McCahon
  10. No. 18 'First Sight'
    Geoff Thornley
  11. Construction #F
    Geoff Thornley
  12. Construction No. 6
    Geoff Thornley
  13. Construction
    Geoff Thornley
  14. Waikato Scene
    Margot Philips
  15. Untitled
    Geoff Thornley
  16. Tiki With Chair Caning
    Dick Frizzell

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