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  1. Oilstone
    Rob Taylor
  2. Upoko Wairua, Souvenirs'/Time
    Michael Shepherd
  3. Cass Altarpiece
    Julian Dashper
  4. For Don No.11
    Geoff Thornley
  5. Divine
    Max Gimblett
  6. South Island 5
    Margot Philips
  7. 1 Hour 48 Minutes
    David Aspden
  8. South Island I
    Margot Philips
  9. Portrait Of The Artist In His...
    Sydney Ball
  10. El Dolor II
    John Olsen
  11. The care of small birds: Muriwai
    Colin McCahon
  12. The Hills Bow Down
    Margot Philips
  13. Suburban Light
    Ken Whisson
  14. Untitled
    Gareth Sansom
  15. Clowning Wanker
    Allen Maddox
  16. Anna, Josephine, And Self
    Davida Allen

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