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  1. #24
    Tony Tuckson
  2. #-
    Dale Frank
  3. 1 Hour 48 Minutes
    David Aspden
  4. 18 Lives in Paradise
    Brook Andrew
  5. Akaali (Bush Orange Drawing)
    Margaret Turner Petyarre
  6. Angry (Scared Too: After Colin McCahon)
    Gordon Bennett
  7. Anna, Josephine, And Self
    Davida Allen
  8. Automated Colour Field (Variation 1)
    Rebecca Baumann
  9. Black Square
    John Nixon
  10. Block Painting: Cream Monochrome
    John Nixon
  11. Block Painting: Green and White Cross
    John Nixon
  12. Block Painting: Green Circle
    John Nixon
  13. Block Painting: Yellow Monochrome
    John Nixon
  14. Blue Rider
    John Nixon
  15. Body Marks III
    Prince of Wales aka Midpul
  16. Body Marks IV
    Prince of Wales aka Midpul

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