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Found 81 artworks tagged as abstract

  1. Abstract Design
    Theo Schoon
  2. After Walters, Untitled 1952-53
    Patrick Pound
  3. After Walters, Untitled 1988
    Patrick Pound
  4. Akaali (Bush Orange Drawing)
    Margaret Turner Petyarre
  5. Armature For A Headland
    John Reynolds
  6. Astruc
    Selina Foote
  7. Balustrade of Brackets
    Patrick Pound
  8. Bathroom
    Peter Powditch
  9. Blue Kirtan
    John Peart
  10. Boy Am I Scared Eh!
    Peter Robinson
  11. Bridge on the River Kwatz
    Mike Brown
  12. Burrkunda
    Paula Paul
  13. Cerulean Blue - To Len Lye
    Max Gimblett
  14. Coalsack
    John Reynolds
  15. Constructed Painting No. 13
    James Ross
  16. Crocheted Paintings from 'Cottage...
    Ani O'Neill

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