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  1. "Muldoon defeated, did he slip, or was...
  2. "Back on the leash again ..."
    Peter Bromhead
  3. not titled
    Jan G W van der Voo
  4. "And a telegram from Malcolm Fraser - he...
    Nevile Lodge
  5. "Election night results"
    Keith Johnston
  6. Pin Point, Needle Point 1994
    Judy Watson
  7. "Dropping the pilot, 1984"
    Gordon Minhinnick
  8. Armour and the Politics of Difference
    Richard Killeen
  9. "We'll somehow get this going right ......
    Paul Clarkson
  10. "To all those retiring MPs who missed...
    Bob Brockie
  11. "Democracy mourns her children"
    Richard Dale
  12. "To get a poor douggie a bone ..."
    Gordon Minhinnick
  13. "And now let me reveal Labour's...
    Jim Lynch
  14. not titled
    Ashley Smith
  15. "Bastille Day 1984 ..."
    Hugh Todd
  16. "It's all yours!"
    Trace Hodgson

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