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  1. Bill Jarvis
    Michael Parekowhai
  2. Jeff Cooper
    Michael Parekowhai
  3. Les Baer 1911 Thunder Ranch Special
    Michael Parekowhai
  4. Craig Keller
    Michael Parekowhai
  5. Neil Keller
    Michael Parekowhai
  6. Elmer Keith
    Michael Parekowhai
  7. Pat Covert
    Michael Parekowhai
  8. Con-Version 3.33R
    Robert Jahnke
  9. Weed II
    Caroline Rothwell
  10. Boy Am I Scared Eh!
    Peter Robinson
  11. Cross
    Shane Cotton
  12. The Pulenoa Triptych
    John Pule
  13. Angry (Scared Too: After Colin McCahon)
    Gordon Bennett
  14. White Sunday
    Niki Hastings-McFall
  15. Take These With You When You Leave
    John Pule

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