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abstract, art school, chance, found, marks

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Attempts 16

ArtistRichard Maloy
Production Date2013
Mediumcolour photographic print
DepartmentNew Zealand Art
Accession Date21 Feb 2014
Accession NoC2013/1/41/1
Credit LineChartwell Collection, Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki, purchased 2013


These works are a 1:1 scale photographic print of art school studio tables. They operate as a recorded document of a particular moment in a studio tableʼs ongoing life. In my recent works I have been extending my investigation into art making processes and their cultural and social value. I have been exploring this in relation to both the art school and traditional art studio environment. I have been interested in how the photographic camera has an ability to both record, and through photographic printing an ability to present back residue from art making processes. I have been using photographic techniques which I have developed from my investigation into traditional modes of art documentation, like those employed by art galleries and museums to catalogue and reproduce art works and artefacts from their collections. I am interested in how the art works I have created using these techniques carry a connection and relationship to the original photographed source, and how the work is seen, understood and functions as a unique art work in its own right, and its relationships and play to art historical readings. Statement by Richard Maloy

Chartwell Notes

Richard Maloy’s series Attempts references and documents the complexities of making within an art school environment, and also calls to mind abstract and expressionistic modernist painting. Because of the non-referential nature of Attempts, the viewer is allowed to create their own meaning and individually respond to the marks and colours. The Attempts series was shown at Starkwhite Gallery in 2013; the interest in Maloy’s ideas, sparked by the acquisition of Attempts 11, lead to the acquisition of Attempts 16 and Attempts 18. The Attempts series is a documentation of art-school students’ studio tables, which bear the remnants and chance marks left over from different art projects. The photographs are to-scale images, and out of the series as a whole, four were taken from Elam School of Fine Arts where Maloy was a tutor. Attempts 16 has an accumulation of marks in various colours which appear to be the result of different tools and making processes. The work conveys a sense of duration, repetition and shows evidence of the maker’s hand; Maloy then complicates the notion of the maker and elevates the status of the marks through his photographing process. The acquisition of three works from Maloy’s Attempts series allows for his critical ideas and practice to be well-represented and documented within the Chartwell Collection. (RW, 2014)