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Static No.16 (fisher-yates shuffle)

ArtistDaniel Crooks
Production Date2010
Mediumsingle channel video, high definition (HD), 16:9, colour, stereo sound
Size4min 36sec
DepartmentNew Zealand Art
Accession Date20 Oct 2010
Accession NoC2010/1/35/2
Credit LineChartwell Collection, Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki, purchased 2010

Chartwell Notes

Daniel Crooks’ video work Static No.16 (fisher-yates shuffle) was acquired in 2010 from Anna Schwartz Gallery during the Melbourne Art Fair. Crooks deconstructs a foreign city scene, slicing fragments of buildings, people and advertisements together to form an unfamiliar landscape. Crooks stretches the ‘real’ time of the video, so that every frame is sliced into a digital collage. This video captures an audiences’ time and attention; we are left wondering about Crooks’ technique as we search for recognisable fragments within the urban collage. The title of the work offers a clue into Crooks’ method. The Fisher-Yates Shuffle is an algorithm for randomly yet equally shuffling a predetermined set of items. This mathematical system provided Crooks with a way to structure how the components of Static No.16 were combined and seen by the audience. A work like Static No.16 is an important addition to the Chartwell Collection as Crooks’ ingenious and technical skill heightens the audiences’ level of enquiry and permits a different video experience. New Zealand-born Daniel Crooks lives in Melbourne. (RW, 2014)  

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