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Mike Brown - Bridge on the River Kwatz

Bridge on the River Kwatz 1968 Acrylic on paper 56 x 76cm Signed, titled and dated l.r. more

Mike Brown (with Murray Grimsdale) - (Consulate cigarettes, purple ribbon & sexy legs)

(Consulate cigarettes, purple ribbon & sexy legs) 1968 Magazine paper collage and acrylic on paper, Inscribed ‘Mike Brown / (with Murray Grimsdale) / 1968’ on reverse 76 x 56cm more

Samuel Holloway et al. - Upright Piano

Upright Piano 2013 Multiple components including painted and modified piano and annotated score written and conceived by Samuel Holloway Michael Lett » more

Jacqueline Fraser - "Those Tracey Emin simulations don't know shit from clay, DARLING."

"Those Tracey Emin simulations don't know shit from clay, DARLING." 2006 Backlit photo, wig, faux fur, brushed velvet, diamantes, sequined braid, pleated silk, sequined taffeta, gold foil, artists frame 1800 x 1800 x 160mm frame Michael Lett » more

Martin Basher - Untitled

Untitled 2013 Oil on canvas Starkwhite » more

Mary Heilmann - 21st Century Fox

21st Century Fox 1998 Colour spit bite aquatint with soft ground etching and aquatint, ed of 40, with Crown Point Press more

Don Driver - Red Bundespost Pocket

Red Bundespost Pocket 1981 Mixed media banner 1700 x 1300mm more

Judith Wright - Destination 1

Destination 1 2013 Tin bath, mannequin, nylon wings, resin halo, toy frog, wooden base, plywood cloud more

Judith Wright - Destination 2

Destination 2 2013 Wooden pew, bamboo, stone, 2 x wooden masks, synthetic wig, steel sword, book, mannequin, synthetic skirts, nylon wings, plywood clouds more

Judith Wright - Destination 4

Destination 4 2013 Sheep form, cloth mannequin with wooden base, cowhide, wooden mask, synthetic wig, bamboo, steel and plywood cloud more

Gavin Hipkins - Romance: Kerikeri (Village)

Romance: Kerikeri (Village) 2003 C-type print 900 x 1350mm Edition of 3 Gift of the artist more

Jacqueline Fraser - THE MAKING OF LITTLE NIKITA 2011

THE MAKING OF LITTLE NIKITA 2011 2011 Set of two original collages 609 x 519mm each frame Michael Lett » more

Mikala Dwyer - Methylated Spiritual

Methylated Spiritual 2012 Mixed media banner Hopkinson Mossman » more

SImon Morris - Coloured Line 2012

Coloured Line 2012 2012 Acrylic wall drawing size variable, dependent on application of rule to site of display Two Rooms » more

Martin Basher - Untitled

Untitled 2013 Flourescent lights, angle aluminium 2.5m x 6m x 1m Gift of the artist and Starkwhite, Auckland, New Zealand Starkwhite » more

Julian Dashper - Collection of EPs

Collection of EPs 1980-2001 EP sound recordings from the collection of Jim Fraser In addition to: Julian Dashper, EP, Gate Experience, 6 August 1993, 21/30, Gifted to the Collection 2013. more

Ruth Buchanan - The History of a Room

The History of a Room 2012 Painted air-dried clay, paper, mirror, carpet, customised table with Plexi-glas cover 860 x 1800 x 800mm overall more

Hany Armanious - Ikebana

Ikebana 2013 Pigment, resin 1530 x 400 x 500mm Edition of 1 + AP Michael Lett » more

Gregory Bennett - Omnipolis 2012

Omnipolis 2012 2012 Single-channel high-definition video Variable, 12 minutes looped Edition of 5 Artist's CV › more

Anne Noble - Song Sting Swarm #1

Song Sting Swarm #1 2012 Inkjet print, Pigment on Ilford Gold Fibre Silk 310gsm paper 1000 x 1500mm Edition 2 of 10 more

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