Recent Acquisitions

Tahi Moore - "Invisible Touch" as an adaptation of "American Psycho"

"Invisible Touch" as an adaptation of "American Psycho" 2011 Digital video on DVD (colour, sound), duration 3:46 min 1 of 5 From the solo exhibition Nonsuch Park at Hopkinson Cundy, 30 June - 30 July 2011.  "Nonsuch Park, in the connection through which Tahi Moore comes to it, is a... more

Simon Ingram - Krasnodar

Krasnodar 2011 Oil on canvas 1700 x 1700mm "In his last solo exhibition in Auckland, Boing Boom Tschak (2009), Ingram presented paintings made by a machine programmed with techniques of self-making derived from artificial life. In Radio Painting Ingrams attention is... more

Elliot Collins - The Theory

The Theory (4 pieces) 2011 Fluid acrylic on paper, found book (The Theory of the Avant-Garde), fluid acrylic on linen, gesso on linen 670mm H x 495mm W (#1), 425mm H x 365mm W (#2), 400mm Dia (#3), 125mm Dia (#4) Tim Melville Gallery more

Selina Foote - Guillement II & Hauser

Guillement II 2011 Oil on canvas 500 x 400mm Hauser 2011 Oil on silk 500 x 400mm "In these new paintings by Selina Foote, abstracted shapes, compositions and palettes are extracted from reproductions of historic portrait paintings. The titles of each painting acknowledge this... more

Murray Green - Heading #6

Heading #6 2011  residue resulting from the combustion of FFg black powder on Fabriano cotton rag 510 x 1400mm  Heading #6 detail (left) and process (right) Two Rooms more

Don Driver - Horizontal Relief

Horizontal Relief Acrylic on canvas and lacquered board Title inscribed, signed and dated ’73 verso 1115 x 1680mm Reverse and detail Plaque reads: "Though this is a painting its constructed elements are suggestive of sculpture with the differing planes we expect to sculpture. A... more

Paratene Matchitt - Taking a Tumble

Taking a Tumble Acrylic on paper Signed and dated 2/2009 790 x 1372mm more

Simbai Area Shield

Simbai Area Shield Maker unknown Wood,  blackened encrusted patina 1260 x 480mm From the late Denis Dutton Collection. Webb’s Auction, March 2011. Chartwell acknowledges the original maker and welcomes contact from them via the website feedback form if approvals for image use... more

Judy Millar - Lucifer Gold

Lucifier Gold 2011 Oil and acrylic and screenprinting inks on canvas 2700 x 2000mm "In recent years Millar has used mechanically-generated enlargements of handmade gestures to challenge our expectations of the expressive gesture and of the efficacy of painting as a contemporary means of... more

John Reynolds - Untitled (De Chirico, Pacific Ocean)

Untitled (De Chirico, Pacific Ocean) 1980/2010 (30 year old work restretched, repaired, cleaned, re-surfaced and re-drawn August/September 2010) Oil/wax crayon on acrylic on canvas 1680 x 1680mm more

Alicia Frankovich - Orpheus

Orpheus 2010 Aluminium, egg tray, eggs 2050 x 850mm Starkwhite more

Richard Maloy - Attempts 11

Attempts 11 Colour photographic print 800 x 1200mm "At first glance, Richard Maloy's multiple Attempts can't help but evoke a host of art historical predecessors, from the gestural scrapings of Robert Rauschenberg to the pointed scribbles of Cy Twombly. With solemn deadpan, each of... more

Nick Austin - Aquarium (with page) & The Postie

Aquarium (with page) 2011 Acrylic on newspaper, glass, metal fittings 575 x 785mm The Postie 2005/2011 Concrete, skateboard, shoes 30 x 650 x 1500mm From the exhibition Not haiku, Hopkinson Cundy, Auckland Hopkinson Cundy more

Trenton Garratt - Radial Drawings (2B)

Radial Drawings (2B) 2010 Pencil (2B) on paper (600gsm, hot press Fabriano) guillotined to A2 size Originally displayed as a triptych at Artspace, New Zealand, July - August 2010 Mounted on Acrylic Polycarbonate backing Image of installation at Artspace, in Knowing You, Knowing... more

Sara Hughes - Oceania

Oceania 2010 Acrylic on linen 1000 x 900mm Gow Langsford Gallery more

Paratene Matchitt - Ko Te Panui Noiho... Me Hoatu Au Ko Toku Tinana, Hei Oranga Mo Te Iwi

Ko Te Panui Noiho... Me Hoatu Au Ko Toku Tinana, Hei Oranga Mo Te Iwi 1974 Pen and ink on paper 48 x 67cm more

Lisa Benson - Fogged IV

Fogged IV Antique black and white photographic paper, gathered light in the artist's studio, Hamilton, 2004- 2010, and scanning light, Green View Club, Beijing, 2010 Digital print on archival fine art paper 1400 x 1120mm Edition of 3 Installation view from... more

Jessica Stockholder - Untitled

Untitled 2003 File cabinet metal base, plywood, acrylic yarn, plastic basket, yellow plastic bowls, pink plastic tub Installed: 68.6 x 44.5 x 61cm Bowl element: 22.9 x 22.9 x 10.2cm more

David Thomas - Amid It All: Movement of Yellow & Amid it All: Black reflection

Amid It All: Movement of Yellow 2010 Acrylic, enamel on photograph on Dibond 1490 x 1110mm Amid It All: Black reflection 2010 Acrylic, enamel on photograph on Dibond 1490 x 1110mm Gift from the artist Two Rooms more

Christoph Dahlhausen - Three Levelled Lines (NZ)

Three Levelled Lines (NZ) Vinyl on glass, nails 15.03 x 57cm Two Rooms more

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