Recent Acquisitions

Pat Hanly - Fire Series, '60 Awake Aotearoa!

Pat Hanly  Fire Series, '60 Awake Aotearoa! 1983 Graphite on paper 395mm x 545mm more

James R Ford - Reality Divided by Expectations

James R Ford  Reality Divided by Expectations  2018 Oil paint and spray paint on canvas 76.2 x 101.6 cm Framed in Tasmanian Oak more

Tahi Moore - Politics vs Aesthetics

Tahi Moore  Politics vs Aesthetics  2018 Acrylic and oil on linen 650 x 910mm more

Richard Killeen - Left, Right

Richard Killeen  Left, Right  1981 gouache on paper 750mm x 550mm more

John Bevan Ford - He Pihi

John Bevan Ford  He Pihi  Coloured inks on paper 565 x 765mm more

Pat Hanly - Massacre of the Innocents

Pat Hanly  Massacre of the Innocents  1962 Acrylic and graphite on brown paper 405mm x 490mm more

Don Driver - Own Drum

Don Driver Own Drum  1967 Mixed media assemblage, metal chain, wood, perspex, corrugated cardboard, rivets 920mm x 1225mm more

Pat Hanly - Energy

Pat Hanly  Energy  1971 Ink on paper 545mm x 660mm more

Geoff Thornley - Untitled

Geoff Thornley Untitled 1976 Mixed media on canvas 855 x 830mm more

Basil Beattie - Ladder and Step Series #19

Basil Beattie  Ladder and Step Series #19 2018 Oil stick and paint on paper 480 x 380mm more

Pat Hanly - Figure in Light

Pat Hanly Figure in Light 1963 Ink on paper 590mm x 460mm more

Carl Sydow - untitled

Carl Sydow  untitled c.1969 Watercolour and ink on paper 345mm x 437mm more

Margot Philips - Negev Desert

Margot Philips  Negev Desert  1966 Oil on canvasboard 592 x 720mm more

Pat Hanly - Bouquet

Pat Hanly Bouquet 1991 Enamel on board assemblage 870mm x 770mm more

Basil Beattie - Ladder and Step Series #23

Basil Beattie Ladder and Step Series #23 2018 Oil stick and paint on paper  480 x 380mm  more

Alicia Frankovich

Alicia Frankovich Microchimerism 2018 Gold and pink adhesive vinyl Dimensions variable Installation image Starkwhite Gallery Auckland more

Esther Stewart - Behind the balustrade, Rosy Heath Myrtle

Esther Stewart  Behind the balustrade, Rosy Heath Myrtle 2017 Acrylic on board 1800 x 1500mm more

Maureen Kaegi - Untitled

Maureen Kaegi  Untitled 2016 Marker on canvas 1355 x 1900mm more

Stella Brennan - Rising Sun

Stella Brennan  Rising Sun 2018 Diptych, laser cut merino felt, stainless steel 1160 x 830, 1170 x 730mm The afterlife of technology forms a continuing part of my research. The Object Permanence project is an attempt to think through the duration and materiality... more

Andy Leieisi'uao - Diaspora Melody

 Andy Leieisi'uao Diaspora Melody  2018  Diptych, acrylic on canvas  1520 x 1215  more

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