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Judy Millar - Lucifer Gold

Lucifier Gold
Oil and acrylic and screenprinting inks on canvas
2700 x 2000mm

"In recent years Millar has used mechanically-generated enlargements of handmade gestures to challenge our expectations of the expressive gesture and of the efficacy of painting as a contemporary means of communication. In these works Millar has both distilled and amplified the act of painting. The works distil the essence of the painterly gesture, exaggerating the dramatic intention and collapsing the activity into a singular moment. The initial act of immediacy of the artist in the studio is simultaneously condensed by its translation into a digital image, and exaggerated as gestural marks become oversized and threaten to engulf the viewer. They present us with a compression of action that packs the same punch and sense of urgency that we find in the advertisements that surround us. There is a clear desire to grant painting the same power as all the other images that press upon us daily."

Gow Langsford Gallery - Lucifier: Bring the Light!


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