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Tahi Moore - "Invisible Touch" as an adaptation of "American Psycho"

"Invisible Touch" as an adaptation of "American Psycho"
Digital video on DVD (colour, sound), duration 3:46 min
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From the solo exhibition Nonsuch Park at Hopkinson Cundy, 30 June - 30 July 2011. 

"Nonsuch Park, in the connection through which Tahi Moore comes to it, is a gap; that is to say, the location of something missing. In the concatenation of things the artist lists in the text accompanying his exhibition invitation, the park follows the Star Chamber. The structure whose design gave its name to that English court of law, once built there, is today long gone. This vacant space could also be considered as an opening, as is proper to a title, a way into understanding the works the artist presents under it."
Exhibition essay by Jon Bywater

Hopkinson Cundy


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