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Simon Ingram - Krasnodar

Oil on canvas
1700 x 1700mm

"In his last solo exhibition in Auckland, Boing Boom Tschak (2009), Ingram presented paintings made by a machine programmed with techniques of self-making derived from artificial life. In Radio Painting Ingrams attention is turned outward and upward as his new machine connects to the world around it. 

The exhibition comprises of a series of new paintings made by a machine plugged into Ingram's newly developed radio telescope. This device is built to receive radio signals that propagate in the Earth's upper atmosphere. The particular type of radio spectrum Ingram is interested in is known as very low frequency radio or VLF. The VLF radio spectrum is used by submarines to communicate over great distances back to base. It is known that changes in the amplitude of VLF signal corresponds to activity from the sun, such as solar flares. Radio Painting relates to rendering these changes across the VLF spectrum as painting."
Gow Langsford Gallery - Radio Painting


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