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Trenton Garratt - Radial Drawings (2B)

Radial Drawings (2B) 2010 Pencil (2B) on paper (600gsm, hot press Fabriano) guillotined to A2 size Originally displayed as a triptych at Artspace, New Zealand, July - August 2010 Mounted on Acrylic Polycarbonate backing Image of installation at Artspace, in Knowing You, Knowing... more

Nick Austin - Aquarium (with page) & The Postie

Aquarium (with page) 2011 Acrylic on newspaper, glass, metal fittings 575 x 785mm The Postie 2005/2011 Concrete, skateboard, shoes 30 x 650 x 1500mm From the exhibition Not haiku, Hopkinson Cundy, Auckland Hopkinson Cundy more